Build Flappy Bird Game: Assignment

Build Flappy Bird Game

Today you are going to learn how to program a simple web game called "Flappy Bird". It is tons of fun and easy to do becuse you will be using blocks of code instead of typing code. Follow the instructions below.

  • Log into (create an account if needed) @
    • Use your school Gmail account to create the account.
    • You can use the "Continue With Google" button to easily create an account.
  • Complete all 10 lessons in the blockly FlappyBird project.
    • f you’ve already completed the FlappyBird lesson, please select a different lesson from this list.
  • You will have to show me your completion certificate when I return. Please make sure you LOG IN so your work is saved.
  • Have fun with this programing activity, but make sure to complete the lessons. This will be graded.