Mr. Benrud's Online Classroom

Day One: Web Design


  • Go to and sign into your account.
    • If the computer is already logged into someone's account, log them out.
    • Follow the instructions below if you do not know your username and password for your gmail account.
      • Username Format:
        Password Format: FLMMDDYY (First Initial Last Initial 2 digit month 2 digit day 2 digit year)
      • EXAMPLE: For student 123456 named Bill Smith born on May 9th 2001
      • Username = | Password = BS050901


  • Log into your account or create a account.
    1. If you already have an account, delete all of your activities or create a new account for this class.
      1. In a new tab, research “how do you delete your codecademy account“.
      2. Delete all of your activity in your codecademy account.
      3. If needed, create a new account after your old one is deleted. I’d suggest linking it to your facebook or gmail accounts.
      4. I will verify your CodeCademy account is reset on Tuesday.


  • Create a account.
    1. Search "how to sign up for StackOverflow" if you need help.“.
    2. Keep your public profile page open in tab in the background. You will use it later.


  • Create a FREE account (open a new tab to do this).
    1. Create a new "workspace" in CodeTasty. Select "sandBox", **NOT** SSH or FTP.
      1. Create an index.html file in your sandbox. **VIDEO TUTORIAL**
      2. Type the following into the editor and then press the "tab" key.
        1. html:5
      3. Use HTML to add your name to your index.html file.
      4. Use HTML to add an image to your index.html files.
      5. Use CSS to do the following.
        1. Change the background color of your index.html page (white is not allowed).
        2. Change the font size, color, and alignment of your name.
          1. Font should be BIG and EASY to read.
          2. Font should be centered on the page.
        3. Adjust the size, alignment, and border of your image.
          1. Center align, set image to 50% width, border size of 20px.
      6. Use this form to submit your StackOverflow profile and SandBox address.

If you complete all of the above, quietly help/talk to the students around you, do not be a distraction. You need to get to know the other students because you will work with most of them throughout your time with me. They will help you and you will help them when I’m unavailable.

You are free to leave when the bell rings. Remember to place the headphones back on the computers.