Mr. Benrud's Online Classroom

Technology Discoveries: Day One Instructions

You can help one another with this work!


  • Go to and sign into your account.
    • If the computer is already logged into someone's account, log them out.
    • Follow the instructions below if you do not know your username and password for your gmail account.
      • Username Format:
        Password Format: FLMMDDYY (First Initial Last Initial 2 digit month 2 digit day 2 digit year)
      • EXAMPLE: For student 123456 named Bill Smith born on May 9th 2001
      • Username = | Password = bs050901
      • **All letters in username and password are lowercase


  • Complete Attendance Form
    • You will be marked absent if you don’t do this
    • You MUST be logged into YOUR email address for this.


  • Watch the broken escalator video.
  • You need to write a quick email to me about this video. Follow the instructions below. If you need help on “how-to” do something, watch the video tutorials for that task or ask a classmate.
    • How to adjust Video quality on YouTube videos.  (**video tutorial**)
    •  (**video tutorial**)
    • SUBJECT: 1st Day Activity | Period Number | Class Name | Your Name
      • EXAMPLE: 1st Day Activity | 03 | Technology Discoveries | Todd Benrud
      • The example above would be for a 3rd period student named Todd Benrud. 
    • BODY: Follow the instructions below.
      1. Write “Hello Mr. Benrud,” on the first line and leave line two blank. (**video tutorial**)
      2. Write 2 to 3 sentences quickly telling me what you thought of the video. Leave a blank line when you are done.
      3. Answer for following three questions. Make sure you use a “numbered list” and follow the format. (**video tutorial**)
        1. Who do the people (man and woman) ‘stuck’ on the escalator remind you of in a school setting?
        2. The mechanic that came to solve the problem, who does he remind you of in a school setting?
        3. What do ‘you’ do when things F.A.I.L. on you or when you F.A.I.L. to be successful at something?
      4. Bold and color the question, but leave the text for you answer “normal” size and “black” color.  (**video tutorial**)
      5. Your email must be a minimum of 100 words.  (**video tutorial**)
      6. EXTRA CREDIT: 1st 5 students to CORRECTLY send this email to me will get 10% extra credit on their Day 1 Activity grade.


You are going to create and set up a shared folder in your Google Drive account. This is where you will save all of your work for this class. You MUST follow these instructions because I will only grade student work that is in a student's “shared” folder. If you do not follow these instruction, you will earn a ZERO on every assignment in this class.

  1. Go to
  2.  Create a new folder called “MRBsharedXX” (**video t utorial**)
    1.  Replace XX with your period number.
  3. Share your MRBsharedXX folder with me, (**video tutorial**)
  4. Open you folder and create a new document. (**video tutorial**)
    1. Title it “YourNameTest”. EXAMPLE: ToddBenrudTest
  5. Copy the document’s URL and turn it in for grading (**video tutorial**)
    1. Go to page and complete the form.
    2. Paste your document’s URL into the “URL For Your Grading Rubric” field.
    3. Click on the “submit” button.
  6. Check to see if you did it correctly.  (**video tutorial**)
    1. A yellow background color on your documents’ URL means you have not properly shared your work with me. You will earn a ZERO if this is not corrected.
    2. Make sure your MRBsharedXX folder is shared with
    3. Make sure your test document is in your MRBsharedXX folder.
    4. Once the error is corrected, resubmit your work and recheck it.



If you complete all of the above, quietly help/talk to the students around you, do not be a distraction. You need to get to know the other students because you will work with most of them throughout your time with me. They will help you and you will help them when I’m unavailable.

You are free to leave when the bell rings. Remember to place the headphones back on the computers.