Mr. Benrud's Online Classroom

Day One Instructions

FIRST, I am not speaking to any of my students today. Please do not ask me questions, I will not answer anyone. You can help other students, you can ask other students for help, and you can use Google or YouTube to learn how to do anything.

This is not being “rude” or “lazy”, this is me teaching you the first lesson in problem solving, working with technical instructions, and peer communication. These skills are basic requirements of success in the “real-world”. You will learn a ton about technology, but all of that is WORTHLESS if you can’t solve problems, effectively communicate, learn independently, and work as part of a team.

SECOND, read this entire page. All activities listed on it will be included in your grade. All parts of today’s assignment MUST be turned in by midnight tonight. No excuses you give me will matter and no make-ups or extra credit will be issued for these assignments.

THIRD, it is my opinion that traditional education is NOT preparing students “their future”. The world no longer values the skills of “sit there, be quiet, don’t speak until spoken to, and only do exactly what you’re told to do”, but for some reason that is exactly what most students learn in a traditional classroom. If you aspire to be a “whopper-flopper” or “ditch digger”, then “sit there and wait to be told what to do”. However, it is my goal to inspire you to aim much higher and to equip you with the skills needed to achieve loftier goals in your future.

Please understand my class will operate “very differently” than most traditional classrooms. This is not meant to confuse or frustrate you, but it is designed to prepare you for the dynamic careers of the 21st Century, not the static careers of the past. We do not memorize random facts tests or quizzes, assign mindless “fill in the blank” worksheets, or waste time telling personal stories about our virtual lives or our pet goldfish. We will learn and work together (teacher and students) by completing hands-on projects designed to mimic real-world situations. To be successful in this classroom you will need to be a proactive problem solver, learner, and effective communicator.

FOURTH, You have a brain, you know how to read and talk to others, and you know how to “Google” something. Do not “sit there and wait to be told what to do”, read, interact with others and behave as a respectable member of society. If you do, you’ll easily complete your work today and will probably really enjoy this class. If you want to do nothing, or goof off, or refuse to think and work with others… you will NOT enjoy this class.

FIFTH, Locate your class in the list below, click on the link, and follow the instructions. Make sure you select the “correct class”. All tasks are due before midnight tonight and will be included in your grade. Go!!