Mr. Benrud's Online Classroom

Mr. Benrud's Online Classroom

Sub Instructions

Please review class specific notes with my students at the begining each class.

Web Design Class

Student Instructions: Every student MUST work on the PHP Lessons on (units 1-9). Do not work on the lessons marker “pro” or unit 10, “Classes and Objects in PHP”. All lessons in units 1 - 9 must show 100% complete. I will check this for a grade on Friday the 6th.

If you finish, make sure your “adminControler.php” checks does the following. 1) checks username/password against saved info. 2) hides username/password form if it matches. 3) collects content info and check to see if values are valid. 4) hides content form and displays a success message if all inputs are valid.

Global IT Class

Student Instructions: All students MUST work on their incubator project. Showcases will start on Friday the 6th. Make sure all team members have contributed to the presentation and can explain the team’s progress.

Technology Discoveries Class

Student Instructions: All students MUST work on their Career and Lifestyle Budget. Follow these videos to complete the research for clothes, personal care, shopping, entertainment. If you finish your notes, make sure you Career Research Packet, Career Discovery Worksheet, Career Exploration Worksheet, and any other missing or late work is completed. If all Tech Disc work is finished, you can use the rest of class time to work on other school work.